May. 26th, 2012

I was re-reading Side Jobs the other day and afterwards I ran across some Twilight snark. It occured to me that the vampires in BtVS almost seem as silly as Edward & co when compared to the Dresden ones. When it comes to tragic forbidden love Thomas beats them all and the black and red courts are much scarrier than any Big Bad.  Even the Susan/Harry thing plays out more "really tragic" [ mostly bc of the kid imo.] than either B/S or B/A. Maybe because highschool has been taken out of the equation and all parties in DF are adults?
4 days ago my kindle froze. It had been on the charger for 3 hours the light was green but restarting wouldn't get it to leave the  wall paper screen. I called amazon and they walked me through restart again. When that didn't work they offered me a replacement no problem. I left the old one plugged in without really thinking about  it and overnight it started working. It doesn't seem to be holding a charge for more than a couple hours so it broken just not unusable. So here's my question do continue using the old one until it dies or deregister it and pass it on to my nephew with full disclosure?



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