Jul. 31st, 2012

Someone I admire has passed away.Helen was an example of old school fandom [Trek, SF/F.] Creative,energetic and smart in that hippy-nerd combo that feeds fandom because she Thought, Made, and Did things rather than just consumed them.

When I met her {in person, I had been writing and e-mailing her} in 2002 she was already in her 70s She was promoted to Adm. by Starfleet and ran down to get it in her  hand-knitted TNG sweater like a contestant on the Price is Right. She wasn't family, I can't say I knew better than my flist. She sent me handmade Christmas cards. We talked about writing and running a chapter of Starfleet. She told me about directing videos  and writng plays. I sent her audio books when she broke her hip. Storm Front made her a BtVS and JM fan. She said, "I thought I was done droolling over pretty boys with talent!"

Somebody else in Starfeet posted on FB about her death calling her an older lady who never slowed down, true fair and enough, but  but the out pouring of sympathy to the poster because she lost a good and special friend made angry. Stupidly angry this poster knew of Helen she hugged her at cons every couple of years that's about it. I feel as if this poster has hijacked the grief of family and friends to get attention for herself. I had lost touch with Helen myself so I realize I'm being a bit a hypocrite here,  but she wasn't just somebody old that still got around well.
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Last night I went to shower and saw a slug on my tile about 3 inches long. I could tell because it was one and about a half ntile in length. I'm not normally a girly about insects but I left showering till morning. Tonight I discovered that a skunk has sprayed outside my bedroom window where my window AC unit is. I had to turn off the AC and it's still very stinky to the point where I won' sleep in there. At least it didn't get TaraDog [knock wood]



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