I've contacted an auction house so we can sell off the Civil War stuff we have and set up an etsy shop. So far not even a nibble there does anybody have any tips?

Dad seems to be hanging in health-wise.

TaraDog has an upset tummy. Two days ago she had diarrhea all over the shop floor. New canned food might be the culprit. She's still seems a bit off but is better.

The Klingon [ I miss him] moved to NC in July and was running the Trek group long distance. This left the co chair M running the meetings. A situation that wasn't happy for anyone. Least of all M. So I stepped up again. I figure it'll give me something to worry over I can improve. Right now I'm powerless in 90% of my life.

The first meeting was a hit. The XO and I were organized and got business done easily. The pizza place I rec'd for after was huge hit with everyone especially the New Yorkers in the group. I was hailed as a goddess for finding a real pizza place in Virginia.

We have snow here so I'm hurting big time but it is pretty to look at.
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