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TaraDog began wetting on the floor a month ago. At first I thought it was that she was getting older and I wasn't letting her out often enough. This was while I was feeling pretty cruddy myself. I did what I could to catch her at it get her out more often. Then I was out for half an hour last weekend and Tara wet on my bed! She sleeps behind my knees or back [I swear she knows which needs to be warmer] dogs don't wet where they sleep. I made an appointment for the vet the next day.

I told the vet she has chronic yeast infection in ears and bladder problems of some sort. My dad sort of took over and told the vet just to figure out what was going on with the bladder/kidneys because we are both on SSI. He's got a point I've had Tara for 9 years now. Nothing the vet's done or any home remedy has made much of dent in the ear problem so it's a waste of money. A grain free diet helped a little. Anything with wheat really bothers her. So the vet feels her tummy and scares me half to death by saying, "You won't like this." So I'm thinking it's something that would mean putting her down but the vet just meant expensive.

She's got bladder stones we're trying her on a diet and antibiotics for 10 days if it doesn't work she'll need surgery that will be at least $500-$600. The diet is expensive and if it does work she'll need to stay on it. Also it is mostly grain and all us women know that yeast infections and antibiotic don't mix. The vet also said no yogurt the RX food is all she can have. Good thing she seems to like it, but she started on the 14tnh and now her ears are the worst I've seen them. I don't know whether to hope the food works or not, at least surgery would be a one shot deal, but Tara is over 10 years old so I worry about the stress of an operation.

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Poor TaraDog. Best wishes.



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