Title: The New Doctor
Rating: Family friendly
Summary: Truth & Possibilities verse Dawn and the 11th. meet. I have no clue what 11 will be like right now, so consider him an OC claiming to be the doctor. There are no spoilers for T&P or Who because I have no idea what will happen in either one. All you need to know about T&P Dawn is in the first chapter of that story.
Disclaimer: If I owned the rights to these characters this would be a script and I’d be making money. Since I’m living on SSI instead please don’t sue me.
AN: Normally, Dawn knows better than to go off with a stranger these days, but this is the Doctor and he inspires this sort of behavior. Thanks to Jane for  betaing!

“Are you sure I look all right, honey?” Anya asked for the third time.

Giles said, “You look lovely. Now, if we don’t get going, my cousin will be sitting in the airport wondering if we forgot to pick him up. There’s really no reason to fuss. He only  became a doctor not a crowned prince.”

“I’ve met royalty, but this will be my first in-law. I’m a little nervous.”

“Really, Anya?” Dawn said, as dryly as her father might. “I would never have guessed.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to come with us, Dawn? We can close the shop early.”

“Wow! You are scared, Anya! Just go, guys. It’s Tuesday, so the shop will be dead;  nothing ever happens on Tuesdays.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Dawn," Giles said. “We’ll be back in an hour or so. Call Spike’s cell if you have a problem. He’ll be able to get here quickest. ” Putting a reassuring hand on Anya’s back, he guided her, or maybe pushed her, out the Magic Box door.

It didn’t take long for Dawn to wish she’d gone with Anya and her dad. The book that she was reading  between the non-existent costumers was really boring. Just as she tossed it aside, she was startled by the jingle of the bells as a man burst through the door.

“Has an Ursinite come through here?” The guy sounded English and very worried. Read more... )

Title: Lessons
Rating: Safe for everyone
Pairing: Jack, OC, implied Rose/Ten
Summary: Another for the August picture prompt. All the traveling her family does means Daisy’s a bit more sheltered than the average teen. A certain historical figure would’ve been more gallant but he was still too confused about where she came from to be tactful.
Spoilers: for LotTL if you squint hard.
Disclaimer: I am just playing and make no profit at all on this work of fiction.
A/N: I asked my flist what historical figure they would want to give them their first kiss. This was the result. Thanks to Jane for the beta.

“To quote your father, no, no, no. No!”

”Why not, Unc- Jack? I thought you were broad-minded.”

“I am broad-minded. I’m so broad-minded I should be just a big head! That didn’t come out right.” Jack groaned. “The point is, you just almost called me Uncle Jack and I used to change your diapers!”

“I just want you to teach me to kiss, not dance, Jack.”

Daisy looked very much like Rose when she was most annoyed with the Doctor. Jack almost found it sexy. Then he remembered her tiny hand wrapped around his pinky and replayed what she had just said. “You’re only sixteen. Should you know what dancing is?”

“This is hopeless,” Daisy said.

“Now you’ve got the idea,” Jack said, wishing Rose and the Doctor weren’t out shopping or possibly running for their life. “I know I’m still gorgeous but you don’t really want snogging lessons from me. Why’d you come up with this crazy plan?”

“Washington said I didn’t know how to kiss.”

Jack couldn’t help making a face. “George Washington?”

“He was a young bloke tramping through the woods.” Daisy shrugged “It wasn’t like he had a wig and wooden teeth.”

“Daisy, just think, had he liked your kiss how would the tour guides explain the ‘D.J.T.’ under the ‘G.W.’ on the wall of the Natural Bridge? Forget about the goofy little heart. Besides, American politicians are stupid when it comes to women. You just proved it goes all the way back to the start. He didn’t age well either.”

“You sound just like Dad, Uncle Jack.”

“You should’ve given Lord Nelson a kiss when we were on the Victory. He would’ve said you were an angel. And he’d also be dead before he could ask for more,” Jack teased.

“Eww, Uncle Jack!”
Ok that was odd, instead of posting a new entry semagic just replaced Not A Bunny drabble with a my Doctor Who one. Maybe I'm limited to one kid fic post a day now? Easiest way not to lose the old feedback without redoing the DW is to put em both here.

“Mop?” Christina asked, in a puzzled and slightly alarmed voice.

Anya held back her laughter. If her daughter wore glasses already she’d be cleaning them right now. “Yes, it’s Mop, honey. He’s just got a summer haircut.”

She put Christina down to let her pet the shorn sheepdog. Mop was so happy to be safely back from the dreaded groomers and with his family again, he shook with delight like a overgrown lap dog. “Cold?” Christina asked Mop then toddled off and retrieved a doll blanket to put over poor Mop.

Anya laughed and praised Christina, glad they had AC.

Title: Fresh As A...
Fandom/Pairing: Doctor Who Rose/10, OC, Capt. Jack
Rating: G
Spoilers: AU baby fic
Disclaimer: Not mine. I own a dog and that's about it.
Summary: The Doctor knows Fack well and he's not taking any chances with his little girl. Done for the August picture prompts at[livejournal.com profile] time_and_chips I thought the baby looked like she was "thinking hard" Sorry, I couldn't resist the schmoop any longer. It's my first post there I hope it's not too terrible.

“Daisy-Jane Tyler you’re the prettiest baby. Eighteen years from now I’m stealing you away from your Daddy. But right now you need a clean diaper so he gets you back.”

“There’s a new rule, Jack. You change Daisy’s nappies when you visit.”

“That’s not fair Doctor, you know it’ll get Rose upset if I stay away ‘til Daisy’s potty trained.”

“Yep, and I want you to visit often.”

“Just to get out of diaper duty?”

“Nope, years from now I want you to look into her lovely brown eyes and remember quite clearly that you changed her nappies!”

“Oh, for crying out loud, Doc, I was only joking!”

“I know you, Jack and I’m not taking any chances. Rose will agree.” The Doctor sounded every inch the determined Time Lord.

“All right, lead me to the changing table. Your dad is paranoid Daisy, but I think I understand. He knows I’ll be irresistible even when I’m a distinguished older gentleman. Also, he wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if he tried to argue that our age difference was a problem, would he, sweetheart?”



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