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Title: This Town in the Rain
Author: Appomattoxco
Summary: A slice of time in happy AU where Spike/Buffy and Giles/Anya are established couples.
Rating: T Lots of innuendo but not much else.
Authors note: Giles’ opinion of US vs. UK weather comes from something an English tourist told me. When Stephen Fry said almost the same thing on a show, I thought I'd give the lines to Giles.

Spike roared, and was about to twist the neck the of Chaos demon when he lost his grip. When he tried to pursue the slimy antlered demon Spike’s feet slid out from under him. His only satisfaction was that Buffy couldn’t laugh at him because the same thing had happened to her with her own opponent. After three days of rain, patrolling with the Slayer was like playing rugby in a mud pit.

“I hope you end up strapped to the hood of a pickup!” Buffy shouted after the two fleeing demons.Read more... )
I have it done so I'm posting a little early. Just so my flist doesn't lose it in the shuffle I put up a new chapter of Truth & Poss. today too.

Title: A Baby Story
Rating: G
Pairing: Buffy/Spike brief mention of Xander/Dawn
Summary: This takes place ten years after Chosen in the same universe as my fic “Back From Africa Again.” I thought it would be interesting if they actually had to try to have a family.
Disclaimer: I don’t pretend to own any of these characters and I’m not making any money off them.
A/N My Welcome Back to the Hellmouth Ficathon story. This is for [ profile] redeem147 who wanted pregnancy fic with humor, pathos and good writing . I tried Colleen, I hope you like it. And thanks as always to [ profile] janedavitt for the beta.

It was early Sunday evening and the start of Buffy and Spike's day off. Buffy was paging through a catalog while using Spike’s chest as a comfy cushion. “Oh, this bag is cute, but do you think I should get something more luggage-like? Xander is going to be carrying it as much as Dawn.”

“Hmm, the denim one with the little Tigger on it is a nice compromise. You want one, don’t you?”

“A diaper bag or a Tigger?” Buffy asked, knowing he didn’t mean either.

Spike said, “A baby. Seems everyone we know is in the family way lately.”

Sure, it was going to be fun to play auntie to Dawn and Xander’s little boy and to the kids of the few Slayers who had a family. But Buffy still killed her houseplants. She didn’t actually want a baby of her own. Well, she didn’t want to want one. It had taken so long for her and Spike to work things out. She didn’t want him to think she was unhappy with just him. “I’m over wanting what everybody else has.” It was mostly true. “I have something nobody else can.”

“What’s that, love?”

“You.” That was definitely true. Read more... )

Fic #2

Feb. 14th, 2004 12:01 am
Title: Puff
Pairing: Wes/ Connor {because I can't remember his new name}
Summary: Post "home" [ profile] doyle_sb4
Read more... )

I forgot to thank my betas [ profile] janedavitt and [ profile] patrizia you did great.
Title: Like Old Times
Author: Appomattoxco
Summary: [ profile] spaceweebleYou wanted a plot? No one told me! Why wasn’t I informed? Oh yeah, Giles calls in Angel to help make Spike talk. Sort of an AU circa Something Blue.
Rating: It’s me so most of the good stuff happens when no one’s looking. Sorry.

Read more... )
I know it's early but I just heard that my Dad went to the ER with chest pains. I 'm sitting here waiting to hear more. Needless to say I can't sleep and while I hope it's nothing I have no idea what I'll be doing tommorow. My fic has been waiting on my hard drive for a few days so I might as well post. It's a little off the wall but I hope you like it Doyle.

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