Wibbles! My 74 year old dad is up on a second story roof fixing it. Of course the EWSM and the BIL couldn't talk sense into him. He got the neice to watch the shop because he knew if he asked ME i would've said no in hopes of keeping his feet on the ground. Yes he use to work every day much higher up but he shuffles like an old guy now.
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Just kidding. I hope all my US friends are as stuffed and grateful as I am.

Thanksgiving was good I spent the day at Sis' playing with with her pom puppies and visiting with everyone. I may not eat for a few days.
I spent money I probably should've saved for Holiday shopping on myself Monday. Went out to eat first, I feel like a dirty old woman but the yummiest thing was the waiter. The kid could've been John Barrowman's younger brother and he had a great voice too. I almost want to thank the host for seating us at his table.

After leave the tip and wipping up our drool the niece and I went to the used book store. She decided that the cover of "The Last Viking" was too cheesey to pass up and had buy it. The real reason were out was to see Beowulf so it kind of fit the theme. We hadn't killed enough time at the book store so we sat around and MST3Ked "the Last Viking". It was a time travel story! Reviews of this novel make it seem pretty good but boy was it fun to open it and randomly read aloud. And it added even more fun to watching "Beowulf" for example we read the hero noting that when he removed his loincloth and she saw what was beneath, Merry-Death [Hclever name for the h] eyes bulged because the gods had been kind to him in the respect. So when there was a simalar sceen in the movie It made the niece and I laugh even harder than we might've. Even seeing one of the Vikings cook a rabbit made us grin because when Merry-Death sees her poor misplaced Viking for the first time he's trying to cook a rabbit in her fireplace. I haven't decided if a half naked man cooking bunny is Anya's dream date or worse nightmare.

BTW Beowulf was amazing lots of plot and lots of pretty.

For those who are waiting. Jane has the next chapter of T&P.
My mother died 11 years ago this week. Does it make me a horrible person that I had to look it up? I know because somebody brought me a tape of the new DS9 episode Trials & Tribblelations at the memorial service. What's shocking to me is the I was 29 years old then. If you ask me when I lost my mom my first answer will be when I was a teenager. In the sense that that is actually when she passed away, it always shocks me when I count back how few years it has been. Maybe it's because she was bedridden and on methadone for pain for since my teens, my heart counts when she started to die. As if it were a decade + long funeral. It's probbably why I was all cried out by then too. I miss her; I miss what we could've been to each other. She became the kid before I became the adult.

Just so I don't leave you too depressed. My dad has said that it's a shame mom missed out on my Spike obsession because she liked crazy horror movies and Elvis. He's sure Spike would be something we'd agree on. Doctor Who would be classed with Sar Trek. She'd probably lack all interest in watching the show. However, love that she'd know what to give me for Christmas. My mother had great faith in the words "collectable" and "limited edition."
I've just listened to an audio book that was a waste of time. i DL it because normally Lori Foster is a fun read but the h in Caught in the Act annoyed me to no end. H is a cop who at the start of the story takes a bullet in the shoulder saving the h from armed robbers. A day later the h takes the H to her home puts him in bed and thanks very nicely! I didn't mind this, I mean the guy was realy hot, and saved her life. What annoyed me [and the Anya on my shoulder.] was that the woman couldn't own it. There was too much time dedicated to explaining how she hadn't had sex in two years, was very, very picky and OMG so tight she was almost a virgin. A woman who was as reserved as the author claimed she was would've at least given the guy's bullet wound a chance to heal before saying thank you so rigorously. It wasn't that the h behaved baddly it was that it didn't make sense.

Then I read a blog, can't remember where, about where the line between sexually adventurous and being a slut is. So it got me thinking here is the advice my T & P Anya would give Dawn about sex.

“I know that Joyce talked to you about all this; and I’m not trying to be your mom. I just think we should go over some things now that you're dating. I want you to be able to enjoy a guilt free sexual awakening when the time comes.”

All Dawn could think of was that stuff Janice said about the ways you can have sex without *really* having it. She said a quick prayer that Anya wouldn’t use produce as a visual aide too. “Oh god, do I have to? Everyone else has guilt. Guilt is good,I mean without guilt I might add a ‘us’ on the end of my name or something.”

Anya gave her a stern look and held her hand so she couldn’t leave without looking silly.“Sex should never be an unkind act. It shouldn't be used to harm or manipulate your partner. It should never be an act of unfaithfulness to a partner or your own beliefs. Above all, it should never be unsafe. Meet the guy at beach durring the day first and always bring condoms."

Dawn blinked, she should’ve known better. "Aren't you going to say anything about waiting until I'm really in love?"

"When you're ready to have sex you'll probably convince yourself you're in love. And Dawnie, If you ever have a question or a problem you can come to me or your father. We won't be too harsh. You’ll never make a mistake we haven’t first."
It was a beautiful day today. I spent it inside but I opened all the windows and doors and spring cleaned. Everything sparkles the only thing I couldn't manage was the ceiling light fixtures the globes need to be taken off and cleaned out the moth corpses are blocking the light. I spent the weekend helping dad at the shop so it was probably clutter inspired Maybe next I'll clean up my LJ. I need to tag stuff and add fic to memories.
I woke up yesterday and it was snowing. It didn't stick but still very weird for this time of year here, especially when you consider that we had 70 degree weather in January.

I've made four shawls in the last few days. My favorite is a black micro fiber done in double crochet lose enough that it looks lacy. I picked the yarn because it separates and makes a silky lush fringe, but when I was done I decided that the plain black triangle took itself too seriously. So I added some very primitive looking flowers and a Solomon knot edging in bright verigated mohair. The result is something like those art projects I did as a kid where you scratch black paint off a multi colored background to make a picture. One of these days I'll follow through with a plan...

Speaking of, fic is almost done. It would be finshed by now if I didn't have BigBro's 50th birthday yesterday. Got to see the tiniest bit in our family as well as oldest niece and nephew in law. The lastest flegling was was acting like a spoiled brat. She was saying as soon as she got done eating that they needed to go home because her BF didn't like the crowd. This is code for I only came for the food now drive me home. In spite of that we all had a good time.
It's been a day for doing lots of things I have to do and nothing I want to do. I think to night I might beg my dad to pick up take out for me and veg in front of the TV. No progress on the fics but that's only because I haven't had the time to work on it. Ditto for the crochet and the stack of books I got the other day.

Not much

Feb. 6th, 2006 12:56 pm
I had an achey night last night so I slept until 9:30. I managed to get myself to PT by 10:45 and I feel much better now but I don't thing I'll get any Displaced done today. Once noon rolls around my creativity is shot lately. Is it like that for anyone else? I used to be a night owl now I want to be in bed reading by 10. Imust be getting old... The next chapter of Displaced is almost ready for Jane. I thought it would be the last chapter but it doesn't feel over yet.

My sister is taking me into town tomorrow I need to exchage a swimsuit I bought for PT and a collar I had to get for Tara. Both items had become thread bare and the ones I both last week weren't the right size. I'm going to need to get a two piece suit because a 16 is too big on the bottom and too small on top.
You know how people give themselves rewards for lossing wieght? I've had this odd urge lately to go to a meeting of the trek club I haven't attended in 3 yrs. [ not the one I ran they'd get the wrong idea.] It's silly and vain but I want to lose another 10 pounds get my hair done and well, vainly bask in the praise. The reality would probably be vastly different from the fantasy but I'd like it.

Also, have a lot more done on the freeform "wall hanging" and a few words more on Displaced.
I got up early planning to write some then go to PT. Sis called to ask me to sit for her. This doesn't happen very often and I glad to do it.Niece K stayed home from school because she'd been fighting a bug for the past week or so. The bug was mostly gone but Sis thought it best that she spend the day loafing and catching up on school work she missed when she felt truely awful. Of course then BiL needed Sis' help with a carpet job. So it was Auntie to the rescue. I actually only watched her til 1 pm my Dad ordered me to PT and K was just as happy with her Pop. She'd gotten done with her work and my Dad has the better TV.

So I got I pretty good work out in the and made beef stew for my dad and I for supper. I warmed up frozen blackberries with honey and served them over vanilla ice cream afterwards. Had a pleasant day but didn't get any of Displaced done. :(


Jan. 31st, 2006 01:46 pm
It's not long so I wont bother with a cut. My Grocery store is awful. For a place that's always busy the the stuff never seems fresh. The have really limited produce and what there is blah! I've gootten used to checking the date on everything before I put it in my cart and buying most of the veggies I eat frozen.{even then I've had to deal with stuff that looks like it's been thawed and refrozen}

There are problems with stuff you wouldn't think of too, I wanted to make oatmeal coookies so I looked at bagged nots in the produce area all of them had a experation date of Octber last year. So I bypassed them and picked up a thing of raisins I couldn't find the date on them but how can a raisin get old? So they went in my cart. When I opened them they were really hard and dryer than than they should've been. I found the date and the darn things expired in 2004! I eating them isn't going to kill me but they won't add a bit of flavor to the cookies either.

Do other areas have this problem? Is it the time of year and/or the gas prices? The only other store always looks dirty and has even less as far as produce.
I've seen places on-line to get produce. Anyone use them? What do you think they seem pretty expensive.

Cheer me up go read the fic I posted yesterday.
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[Poll #621841]It must be a Thanksgiving miricle. I've lost eight pounds this month this in spite of not really caring to watch the diet and pigging out over the holiday. My dad says that it's because eating less has become a habit. It would be really great if he were right.

For those of you that remember I have a bunch of fics in progress stuff is actually being written. Honest, I mean it this time.
I’m cold and achy. I woke up with a sore throat that I hope isn’t the strep William has. Needless to say, I didn’t feel up to PT today.

The only thing I’ve done is buy a personalized ornament for bro #2 and family and one for a friend. It’s a cheesy thing but I can tuck a little gift certificate in for the niece and they’ll have something to open.

Sis’s Family if I can afford it nephew #1 will get a sub to PC gamer or some such mag and the 3 girls will get books all around. They are big readers and it’s kind of a tradition from me anyway.

Bro #1 family the 9 yr old step daughter started drinking hot tea as her comfort drink when she was 2-3 and battling cancer.[I think she plans to move to the UK when she grows up so she can order hot tea out without getting odd looks.] I thought a pretty cup and some fancy tea would be nice for her. She has every toy known to God or girl and I’ve already promised to bake for them all. Her brother Xander is a big ole? Most likely game.

Dad’s 3 step-grands will get puzzles and coloring book as that’s what the WSM approves of.
I've been incredibly tired after PT lately. Tuesday took a nap afterwards and slept until amost 8. I'm tired enough to do the same today but if I keep it up my body clock will be screwed up big time.

I finished reading Ananisi Boys last night and it combined with looking at clothes I can't afford gave me

a very fashionable dream. )
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I'm feeling much better today. Now I'm looking around me and seeing what I mess I've made out of my house while I was sick :P I got the replacement for my debit card at last. So I spent the morning paying bills on line. I had some extra so I made a donation to red cross and paid for my LJ.
It's really pouring out and is supposed to continue all weekend. We need the rain here but it's the weekend of RR fesival so rain means lower sales. We could use a good weekend, gas prices have really cut into sales.



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