I spent money I probably should've saved for Holiday shopping on myself Monday. Went out to eat first, I feel like a dirty old woman but the yummiest thing was the waiter. The kid could've been John Barrowman's younger brother and he had a great voice too. I almost want to thank the host for seating us at his table.

After leave the tip and wipping up our drool the niece and I went to the used book store. She decided that the cover of "The Last Viking" was too cheesey to pass up and had buy it. The real reason were out was to see Beowulf so it kind of fit the theme. We hadn't killed enough time at the book store so we sat around and MST3Ked "the Last Viking". It was a time travel story! Reviews of this novel make it seem pretty good but boy was it fun to open it and randomly read aloud. And it added even more fun to watching "Beowulf" for example we read the hero noting that when he removed his loincloth and she saw what was beneath, Merry-Death [Hclever name for the h] eyes bulged because the gods had been kind to him in the respect. So when there was a simalar sceen in the movie It made the niece and I laugh even harder than we might've. Even seeing one of the Vikings cook a rabbit made us grin because when Merry-Death sees her poor misplaced Viking for the first time he's trying to cook a rabbit in her fireplace. I haven't decided if a half naked man cooking bunny is Anya's dream date or worse nightmare.

BTW Beowulf was amazing lots of plot and lots of pretty.

For those who are waiting. Jane has the next chapter of T&P.



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