Title: The Haint
Author Appomattoxco
Rating very mild PG [ for one word. unless mentions of bellybuttons really are naughty.
Pairing Wes/Faith
A/N while researching the folklore of the area for later on in the story I found some ghost stories tha inspired me. It's been a long time guys I hope you haven't forgotten me.

Faith let Wes take the lead while she stripped. A last burst of speed once she knew where the pool was should do the trick. Wes was always bitching at her to think things through. She usually left the thinking to her Watcher, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t do it if she needed to.

Faith undid the last button on her shirt and watched Wes as he made a left turn. She made an embarrassing little eep sound. The boy must’ve come out of the door to the right but he seemed to have appeared from out of nowhere. His overalls were torn and his knees were bloody. The only clean part of him was the pale streaks the tears had left on his cheeks. Faith didn’t know whether to be thankful or not that the kid had stopped crying to stare at her.
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New Fic

Sep. 29th, 2005 03:05 pm
Title: Welcome to the Hellmouth [Now Go Home!]
Author: Appomattoxco
Pairing Wes/Faith
Summary: This is a sequel to capture. You don’t really need to read it to understand this. Post chosen Wes left LA with Faith when she went to Sunnydale. It’s my happy little world where no one I like has died. But this won’t be all hugs puppies!
Disclaimer: This is done for fun and I’m not making money off what is not mine.
Rating: I’m going to call this “Adult” Faith has a mouth on her and I don’t know what they’ll get up to later.
A/N This is the start of [livejournal.com profile] selene2's Katrina fic. Thank go out to [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt as always for making it readable.Read more... )



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