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Last night I went to shower and saw a slug on my tile about 3 inches long. I could tell because it was one and about a half ntile in length. I'm not normally a girly about insects but I left showering till morning. Tonight I discovered that a skunk has sprayed outside my bedroom window where my window AC unit is. I had to turn off the AC and it's still very stinky to the point where I won' sleep in there. At least it didn't get TaraDog [knock wood]
Today was one of those mornings I needed to get up early and show all of the Hwy my PJs. I didn't have anything in the house to put on. I'm pretending the looked like capris to folks going 70 mph.

On the way there I stirred up a swarm of gnats. Not nice to have to walk through. Then I looked back for Tara Dog, the sunrise hit those many wings and they glittered. It was other-worldly like airborne gold dust. Perhaps it was a fey air-force off to rescue somebody kind enough to leave them fresh milk and bread.

The CO is taking me to PT today and I have much to do before he shows. Can you tell it's housework? I'd rather be writing. I'm stewing over something different a Trek Bones X over. Alien autopsy time travel thingy.

ETA PT is Tuesday. At least I called this time rather than show up on the wrong day. Now I get ti spend even more time cleaning, yay?



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