A/N:This is sort of unofficial it takes place shortly before the last one I posted and is very self indulgent. In the this would never in a zillion years happen kind of way. I'm too embarassed to send it to Jane.

"It hurts to say it but thanks, Spike. I’d have lost more than just one eye if not for you.”

“Well, I didn’t do it for you floppy self . I made a promise to your girl to watch your back.”

“Tara and I aren’t...”

“Please, I’ve got a nose. Besides that, I know how many times you and your witch’ve held things together. Kept the minis from mutiny and Rupert away from the stakes.”

Xander said, “The mutiny was an easy call. The dead president grates my cheese. The other thing I did for her.”

“Tara really has you by the balls if she can persuade you to play nice with me.”

“Tara’s the one that convinced me alright, but I didn’t back you for her sake. I did it for Buffy’s. I don’t want to think about it but Buffy needs you. For some reason, after all our work, the two of you are still being idiots. You should be with her tonight not on the porch drinking beer with me. Stop wasting time pretending all you are is friends.”

“Practicing for parenthood? You have the old, do as I say and not as I do, down cold.”



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