TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 7-b/?
PAIRINGS: Veruca/Willow this chapter. Don’t worry workin on a Giles/Anya chapter as you read this J
SUMMARY: This takes place during the episode sort of around Wild at Heart. I’ve taken some liberties with what Veruca is so that this works for me.
A/N: This has been edited and changed from what I posted before. Thanks to janedavitt for the beta.

Willow’s whole body felt like it was humming. She was still so wound up from shifting that she couldn’t make herself get up to dress. “You could’ve warned me. You didn’t say anything about telepathy. That was more like science fiction than magic, and the transformation, too. We just had our molecules scrambled and rearranged alien style without the help of Mr. Scott!” Read more... )
TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 7-A/?
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: This takes place during the episode Wild At Heart. I’ve taken some liberties with what Veruca is so that this works for me.
A/N: Thanks to janedavitt for the beta.

The only reason Willow had gotten excited that a new band was playing the Bronze was the chance to dance with Oz. Instead of dancing though, she was watching the band. “She’s really good,” Willow said.

Oz just asked, “Are we dancing?”Read more... )
ITLE: Take Me: Take Two 6/9
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: Fear Itself Some of these chapters differ very little from the episodes. This is one of them. if I were doing this from scratch it's not the way I would do it today. I'd love to know if you're reading and what you think.
A/N: Thanks to janedavitt for the beta.

“It looks a lot like the skin of a Melkar demon,” Anya said after examining a chunk of skin that Willow had ruthlessly carved away.

Giles looked over the orange matter on the newspaper-covered table with scientific interest. “I thought Melkars were a bit paler.”

“It depends on the season. They tan,” Anya stated.Read more... )
TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 5/9
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: Harsh Light of Day

Giles had been called into the museum on a consulting job and he’d suggested that Anya call Xander to help set up the new bookcases. The plan was to get the books out of the closet they’d been packed into when Giles got home. Anya had seen no reason to wait and when the assembly had gone quickly she and Xander had started to get the books in order on their own. It would be a wonderful surprise for Giles.

“W- Wha--? Dear lord, Anya, what have you done?” Giles looked at the bookshelves in front of him in horror.Read more... )
TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 4/9
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: Remember when I said this was self indulgent? I found a way to [maybe] eat my cake and have it too Oz and Tara wise. Diabetics are warned. Starts during the episode Living conditions. This is 100% new.
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt for the beta. Also thanks to [livejournal.com profile] missmurchison who gave me some ideas, she knows what they are.

Anya and Buffy both watched Cathy leave the student lounge. Giles wasn’t sure, if looks could kill, which of the women would’ve made the fatal shot. Anya said, “I agree with Buffy. Cathy should be slain.”

“You do?” Buffy asked, looking at Anya like she was her new best friend even though she had greeted her with an insult earlier. For some reason Giles found Buffy’s smile unnerving.

“So you think she’s a demon? She isn’t an old pal is she?” Xander asked.

Anya said, “She flirted with Giles, while I was sitting right there!”Read more... )
TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 3/9
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: This takes place during The Freshman. Some dialog is taken from that episode so between my old words and the word that don’t belong to me this fic is 80% recycled. It’s earth friendly to read and review.
A/N: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] janedavitt for the beta.

"Uhm... Anya? You know the door was open, so I just... Uh, are you wearing the shirt I gave Giles for Christmas?" Buffy looked around. While his things were still there, there was something un-Giles-y about the place now. There were colorful pillows on the sofa and what was with the guitar by the sofa? Had Anya killed Giles and taken over his apartment?

"Oh, Buffy, sorry, I didn't hear you come in. Giles is trying to educate me in the classics.” Anya rolled her eyes and turned down the stereo. “Don’t say I said so,” Anya confided, “but when I’m in a retro mood I like big band better. More fun to dance to.”

Giles walked in and kissed Anya on the cheek. “I’ll remind you of that next time you ask me to play something, Anya.” He seemed pretty alive to Buffy, but the rumpled hair, old jeans, and tee shirt were wigging her out.

"Is this a bad time?"

"No! Oh, uh, forgive me. This, uh... You remember, uh, Anya."

"Uh-huh.” She nodded. Like she could forget “Former demon. We went to high school together."

“I’d feel more comfortable if you could put the emphasis on 'former', please,” Anya said.

Buffy was about to offer to put the emphasis on 'high school'. Because even if she knew the boogie-woogie bugle boy personally, Anya still looked too young for Giles. While she was coming up with the perfect quip Giles changed the subject, darn his polite British tendencies, asking, "How's, uh, how is university?"

"Pretty much the same as high school, in the sense that I need help. But this just looks like a bad time.”

"No, it's great that you're here, Buffy, not that I want you to be in trouble or that you should just walk in without any warning,” Anya said.

“Trust me, next time I’ll knock.”

“That would be nice. Don’t worry, Giles will help you. We’ll have a meeting. It’ll be fun unless the world is ending or something. Well, you guys talk. I'll just go and get dressed. You have very good taste in men’s clothing, Buffy, but I should probably put on some pants."

Buffy said, “Good idea, that outfit looks like it’s drafty.” She noticed that when Anya left Giles’ eyes followed her as if they were on a string.

“You didn’t need to be so rude to Anya, Buffy.”

"Sorry, she’s just very…perky,” Buffy thought of her new roommate and explained, “I’m sort of suffering from perky overload right now.” She looked away from Giles guiltily. “This is a bad time."

"You keep saying that, Buffy."

"Well, it looks pretty bad! Did you get into an old stash of that band candy or something?" She knew she was acting like a brat but why did everything have to change so fast? Giles was supposed to wear tweed and be eager to help her and, and be Giles.

“Just tell me why you’re here.”

“There's this student missing.”

“Yes?” At least the very annoyed look he gave her was familiar and reassuring.

"Eddie. He's supposed to have left school but... I just don't think he did. I met him outside last night, and then I went back where we met, and it looked there had been a struggle."


“And we need to stop this!" Why wasn't Giles getting it? "And Eddie's RA said kids disappear a lot. There could be a gang of vampires working the campus. We need research, an-an-and charts and stuff.”

Giles said, "I still don't see where I fit in. You haven't described anything that you can't do yourself."

"Okay, remember before the midlife crisis when you used to be a Watcher?"

"Officially you no longer have a Watcher. Buffy, you know I'll always be here when you need me. Y-your safety is more important to me than anything, but you're going to have to take care of yourself. You're out of school and I can't always be there to guide you."

"I'm sorry to bug you."

"Buffy, I..."

"Oh! No! I mean yeah, you're... you're right. I can handle it… It's just that... I'm on it."

"I-I'm here if you need me." But Buffy had already left.


That Night

Giles felt restless for the first time in weeks. He had been surprised how well he slept since Anya had moved in; he'd never thought of himself as the type to cuddle. Tonight his mind was so busy that he slipped out of bed to put the kettle on, although he was thinking that scotch might be a better idea. A hand touched his shoulder, startling him.

"Sorry,” Anya said. “I didn’t mean to sneak up on you. Are you worried about whatever's going on with Buffy? What was her problem, anyway?"

"I think Buffy only came to me for help out of habit; it was nothing she couldn't handle on her own."

"That’s good, so why aren’t you sleeping the sleep of the well-sated male as usual?"

"I'm not sure." Giles replied, "How is this supposed to go, Anya? Slayers so rarely reach adulthood and even then they are encouraged to be dependant. That's not what I want for Buffy, and it's not what she wants for herself, regardless of how unsure she feels right now. So how do I encourage independence and still be there for her?"

"I'm confused; isn't that what you were doing all along? I don't know Buffy very well but it seems to me that she's the type that needs to be nudged to ask for help. You help get her the information she needs and she makes the plans. Maybe today she just needed to know that the net would be there if she fell.”

“I don’t think I convinced her it would be.”

“Why not?”

“How am I supposed to be there for her when I don’t even know what I want to be when I grow up? Buffy accused me of having a midlife crisis.” Giles turned off the burner and moved the kettle, deciding it was too late for tea. “She could have a point.”

Anya said, “Now, I know that can’t be true.” She put her arms around him and laid her head on his chest.

“Hmm, how come?”

“Your car’s a piece of crap and if you were having a midlife crisis I’d have much bigger breasts.”

“Your breasts are as perfect and as lovely as your mind.” Giles chuckled. “And I like my Citroen; it may not be flashy but I get where I need to go.”

“See?” Anya said, “You’ve just proved my point. If you’re worried, we can go help.”

“I’m not worried that she can’t handle whatever is causing the problems on campus. I just – I was annoyed with the way she was rude to you. You know I’m not going to let her opinion come between us?” Giles asked and moved away a little to so he could look into her eyes.

Anya snuggled close to him again and said, “My evil plan is to be so close to you no one can fit there.”

“I like your plan.”

“Honestly, Buffy wasn’t so bad. Just a little jealous and overprotective. She’s a Slayer and I was a demon, it makes sense. You’re her Watcher; if she moved in with a former demon you’d be a little put off, too.”

“I told her she didn’t have a Watcher anymore…”

“Well, that was a silly thing to do! I’ll get the stakes, you grab an ax or something.”
TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 2/9
RATING: FRT for the fic overall but this one is safe for everyone.
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: The summer between season 3-4 This one is shiny and new because the old one was too lame for words. This is still lame, but doesn't defy words.
A/N: This is a rewrite of the first long fic I ever wrote. Back then I was Melanie Dawn so if it looks familiar I’m only plagiarizing myself.

Giles read once that, the condition of someone’s living space reflected his emotional wellbeing. He couldn’t decide if the mess indicated mild depression or impending mid-life crisis. His apartment was a maze because of boxes the books and weapons he’d gotten out of the library before blowing it up. While he was trying to figure out where to start putting it all away when Anya came in the door. “Anya, so good to see you!” He greeted her, happy to be able to put the job of unpacking off.

“It is?”

“Yes, I haven’t heard from you since Graduation. I was afraid you didn’t make it.”

“Oh, I’ve though of you a lot since the prom. I would’ve gotten in touch but I was sort of embarrassed. I only managed to dust a few vampires and started running for my life pretty early. I’m used to a higher death count. I don’t think should let my work ethic slide just because I’m working for the competition now.”

Giles was impressed that she even decided to stay considering how afraid she’d seemed of the Ascension. “You’re working for the competition now?”

“Well, not really ‘working’ in the true sense of the word. I’m not a hero or a champion with special powers. I’m just mortal and I helped with the vampires at graduation so I figured I qualify as a good guy. So you have to help me. Right?”

Anya had same look in her eyes as she did when she was trying to convince him to take her to the prom. So this could be interesting. “What do need my help with?”
“I need a place to stay my Mother threw me out.” when Giles sent her a questioning look over the air quotes around Mother she explained, “See, I made this deal, with Lloyd the classic mother’s curse isn’t usually my department but Lloyd wanted to attend his Sister’s wedding and I’ve owed him a favor all century so I couldn’t say no. He had a client in Sunnydale who wished her daughter would know what it was like to raise a teenager just like her. Cordelia needed me at the high school so I thought I’d economize power, I’d use the persona of the daughter of Marie Jenkins while I did my own work ‘till Lloyd got back to really grant the wish. Lloyd was a sweetheart about it, made the arrangement permanent when he came back and saw what happened, but Lloyd did too good a job at the glamour to make me seem awful and Mom just threw me out.”

“So, you want to stay here? With me? That’s out of the question. Neither of us would be very comfortable.”

“Why not? I’d get a job to help with expenses and I could give you a hand getting this place in order. You have a habit of covering every flat surface with books. Isn’t there any where to sit? ”

“Oh, sorry. I’m unpacking…”As Giles cleared off a chair for her he imagined always underfoot, smelling of fresh air and flowers. Filling his quiet home with her bright clear voice always saying the unexpected. He was almost in love with her already. He didn’t think his life needed another complication. “I’m used to my privacy.”

“If I stayed here we could have sex.”

The casual offer made him angry. He might not want complications but any relationship he had with Anya wasn’t going to be part of rental agreement. “It’s not a good idea to barter with your body.”

“I was bartering with my potential income and my organizational skills. I wanted to have sex with you because you’re attractive and heroic… And I can’t stop thinking about how good it felt to be in your arms when we danced . But I think I’ve changed my mind. You’re acting like a stupid man.” While Giles was trying to absorb this Anya got up and started to make her way back to the door. “Maybe I’m better off sleeping at the bus depot with the other vamp snacks.”

Giles went after her and barked his shin on a box. When he cussed she stopped and turned to him again. Once they were toe to toe at his door he said, “You’re just trying to manipulate me, Anya. You wouldn’t be so stupid.”

“I can be just as stupid as you can.”

“No you can’t.” He laughed and shushed her retort with a finger on her lips. “If you get me thinking and win this argument you’ll spend the night at the Sun Spot Motel instead of my bed.”

“Giles, could you put your mouth where your finger just was?” Giles didn’t bother to answer her. He just did what she asked. He had a feeling he’d be doing that a lot.
Here's the new version of my first fic. I tried to find a link to the original on the web to show you guys but they're all gone at last. If enough people are interested in seeing it I'll post the original first chapter in the morning. I'm half way done with the new draft of chapter two already.

TITLE: Take Me: Take Two 1/9
RATING: FRT for the fic overall but this one is safe for everyone.
PAIRING: Giles/Anya
SUMMARY: The first chapter is a shippy version of The Prom. A pretty big chunk of exposition is taken directly from that episode.
A/N: This is a rewrite of the first long fic I ever wrote. Back then I was Melanie Dawn so if it looks familiar I’m only plagiarizing myself.

Giles was looking for information on the Mayor’s Ascension when the doors to the library burst open. It was Anya, and she looked ready to do vengeance, mortal or not.

“I feel ill and overly emotional and you're responsible, don't try to weasel out of it like the evil man you are.” Anya had stalked up to his desk during her speech and she was close enough for Giles to see that she looked more upset than angry.

"I beg your pardon." Good Lord, she couldn't possibly be implying that he had abused her in some way. The last time he’d seen her Anya’s anger and frustration hadn’t been focused on him in particular.

"No need to beg. I don't plan on hurting you. Hurting you can come later, if you do something that merits vengeance or you like that sort of thing." Anya put both hands on Giles' desk and leaned forward, giving Giles a good view of her breasts. He brought his eyes up to meet hers and found it was a mistake. They were a soft brown that was oddly ageless and they made him ache to kiss her. Read more... )



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