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Nov. 18th, 2007 10:08 am
It's there one second gone the next. If I owe you a comment it's not my fault this time, blah!

Tara hated the B A T H and of course all the fussing with her ears. Right after she dried she went out the door as the neice was leaving. I had planned not to let roam until she was less sore but she had other ideas. She" hid" in a pile of old brush that's waiting to be chipped or hauled off. I say "hid" in quotes because I could see her from the front dooor and living room window but I couldn't get to her and she knew it. The stinker laid out there [probably in whatever she's alergic to] fr two hours pouting over my abuse. Oh well at least she likes being wiped down with the baby wipes. I suppose it's like I'm licking her. Since her default possition is to roll over and show me her belly with her feet in the air doing that and sprinkling the numbing powder is easy.

Last night she woke me up at 4 am scratching and licking again and I sprinkled a little more poweder on. I think she was ok again til 9. If I'm not sleeping through a whining dog licking that a lot better than all night long.
She is still chewing and scratching and has started head shaking again so I took her to the vet again. The ears were swollen shut so it's back to cleaning and drops [a new kind] twice a day Antibiotics and a different alergy med twice and three times a day . She's also got shampoo and powder I need to put on her feet and I need to wipe her down with a baby wipe after she's been outside. The powder is to numb her feet so it should be funny the first time she tries to lick off. Oh yeah, all those peanut butter covered pills she's had lately mean she's gained three pounds. She's still got a waist so the vet isn't worried. My dog is going to hate me.
appomattoxco: (Bunny)
I took TaraDog down to my dad's garden to chase off the bunnies and in the process a cornstalk broke Tara came running to me as if to say 'Mom the bunny hit me with a stick, that's not fair!' I hope she doesn't develope bunny phobia LOL!



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