My mother died 11 years ago this week. Does it make me a horrible person that I had to look it up? I know because somebody brought me a tape of the new DS9 episode Trials & Tribblelations at the memorial service. What's shocking to me is the I was 29 years old then. If you ask me when I lost my mom my first answer will be when I was a teenager. In the sense that that is actually when she passed away, it always shocks me when I count back how few years it has been. Maybe it's because she was bedridden and on methadone for pain for since my teens, my heart counts when she started to die. As if it were a decade + long funeral. It's probbably why I was all cried out by then too. I miss her; I miss what we could've been to each other. She became the kid before I became the adult.

Just so I don't leave you too depressed. My dad has said that it's a shame mom missed out on my Spike obsession because she liked crazy horror movies and Elvis. He's sure Spike would be something we'd agree on. Doctor Who would be classed with Sar Trek. She'd probably lack all interest in watching the show. However, love that she'd know what to give me for Christmas. My mother had great faith in the words "collectable" and "limited edition."



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