Aug. 31st, 2009 01:19 pm
I got in touch with the Cytic Fibrosis Foundation today about making them the signature charity for the USS Appomattox. AKA Trek Group. They have a Great Strides Walk every year in May. The great thing is they don't require that anyone at all walk. We'll get a team page set up raise money with craft sales, or what have you, donate the money via the link. Then show up at the park and recruit and enjoy. The team websites will be up the end of October.

I'm excited about this. Why CF and not CP? In the mid 90s the I was getting very bored with Ye Olde Viking Trekkers. The same guest speakers and funraising without a lot of fun fandom in the mix.

Then Sara showed up and instantly made friends with all my little fringe group [fell in love with the Klingon CO too:)]. She didn't waste time complaining of of boredom. She didn't have the time to waste. We started getting together after meetings for pizza. Going to cons and movies as a smaller group. I didn't know her long, but she had the gravity and warmth of the Sun. She could pull people in. We lost her in 1996 4 years before starting our own chapter, but she was the heart of it.

When the page is up I'd like to offer thank you drabbles or fic to those who donate to the team. What'd think?



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