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I post the end of a long running fic where I kill Angel. It's right there on the first page of the fic list. I post a new chapter of T&P and repost Take Me too. What fic gets favorited by the most new people and generates e-mail begging for more? The G rated Spangel I wrote almost 4 years ago . Back before I knew you had to say if you didn't write slash when you entered a ficathon. I don't even say out right that Spike and Angel actually shagged. It's so wierd whenever I post something new I get FB of some sort on Like Old Times Maybe for my next fic Anya will be turned into a man.
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On April 27, 2005 I started a fic by killing off a character. This morning at 1 a.m. I brought one to life and was at last able to put the words "The End" at the bottom. Points to icon I need to read it through and fill in some stuff before it goes to Jane but I did it! I can finish a story even if by the time I get there only three people are reading it.
I've done well at writing for at least an hour each day this month. I don't have a word count and if I did it would be sad but that doesn't matter to me. I should work on Displace since that's the closest to done and I would love to put FINIS at the bottom of that thing before the year is over. I don't know why I've lost interest in doing it. Maybe because it only needs to be wrapped up and I know how it ends? The mystery is over for me unless I add an unplanned twist at the end. Something like that would come off very bad unless it added a complication that would require a lot more chapters and mean the story would go on another year.

I'm working on an Anya chapter of T&P. I may change my mind, ut think the aftermath of last chapter needs somebody who knows demons and can see the tragady without getting bogged down. This story has really gotten to close to peak of angst. You know I decided to try story with an alternating POV after reading Fire & Ice I had no intention of trying to match the scale of the cast of that book. Ha my OCs will be back soon and it's very possible somebody from AtS will show up without dying. In case you haven't noticed the muse loves this one right now.

I don't know if you can call Take Me: Take Two a WIP it's so episodic. I do have part of the next episode done. I like the idea of it but I'm not pleased with how it's turning out. On the show it would've been Beer Bad and just a fluff epi. Mine is sort of a turning point.

Some thoughts on how I got over a simalar problem with T&P if you haven't read chapter 13 skip it )
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Question for the medical folk on my flist. When I was a kid I tore open my palm on a nail. I had reached over my head to try and climb a tree and the branch had a old nail from a tree house. I didn't really notice until blood started gushing out, at that point I grabbed my hand and screamed. My aunt must've seen out the kitchen window because she had a dish towel and her purse and she scooped me up and got me to the ER. The worst part for me was being tied down while the doctor sewed me up. I wasn't that upset over the wound I think the doc just didn't want me to have a spasm and move my hands [there was an IV in the other] or kick him. My question is could it really have bled that much? I was only just starting school so my memory might be faulty. I was young enough that I remember thinking when I first realized how bad I was cut that I had to hold my hand to keep the bones in. Weird kid logic, huh?

Word count so far is 2000.
I was showing somebody my crochet today and she was baffled by the lack of a pattern. She asked how I knew if it was right if I didn't have a pattern. I explained that I did [in this case a pillow form] You crochet every which way until you have enough pieces then sew them together and fill in the gaps to make it fit. This person claimed she'd never do this type of work because she'd be so worried about getting it right that all her edges would the same. I explained that you first worry about getting it done then you fix and fiddle until it's "right"

Sometimes I think that writer's block is that kind of perfectionism run amuck.I understand the concept of a first draft but I want it to all fit perfectly right away. I get to a point in a story and I stall. Not because I can't figure out what happens next but because I have an ideal of what it should be in my head. Once the words are on the screen they fall flat collapsing under my expectations. I should apply the freeform thinking to my writing too. First get it done, then fill in the gaps and add texture to hide the "mistakes".
I woke up yesterday and it was snowing. It didn't stick but still very weird for this time of year here, especially when you consider that we had 70 degree weather in January.

I've made four shawls in the last few days. My favorite is a black micro fiber done in double crochet lose enough that it looks lacy. I picked the yarn because it separates and makes a silky lush fringe, but when I was done I decided that the plain black triangle took itself too seriously. So I added some very primitive looking flowers and a Solomon knot edging in bright verigated mohair. The result is something like those art projects I did as a kid where you scratch black paint off a multi colored background to make a picture. One of these days I'll follow through with a plan...

Speaking of, fic is almost done. It would be finshed by now if I didn't have BigBro's 50th birthday yesterday. Got to see the tiniest bit in our family as well as oldest niece and nephew in law. The lastest flegling was was acting like a spoiled brat. She was saying as soon as she got done eating that they needed to go home because her BF didn't like the crowd. This is code for I only came for the food now drive me home. In spite of that we all had a good time.
So it's official, I've gone insane. It all started because of this little problem I had with my hand for years... I tend to raise it and volunteer for things. My Dad doesn't understand where I got it from they had to drag him to Korea. Anyway I saw that [ profile] southernbangel need back up writers for her Happy Endings ficathon and my darn hand went up. I said to myself, Self, if Buffy is one of the pairing I'll do it from her POV, it'll be good for me. So I'm 600 words into a B/A fic that's Buffy with Angel and committed to a happy ending. I'm setting it in a Spike & Riley free season 4. So I don't feel too bad for my Spike. He's safely with Dru in far off lands. It's actually going quicker than the Spuffy does {hides in shame} Maybe because it's easier to convice Buffy she loves Angel. Don't worry this is a one off I'm not going over to the dark side. Don't think I'll post it in own LJ. You guys'll hate it.
[ profile] rahirah suggested I try to write something from Buffy's POV to get over the "Buffy Block". I'm going to ease myself into it and do that old meme in an attempt to make Buffy "mine" and hopefully a little easier to write.

My Buffy
Hates hospitals
is a little claustrophobic since digging out of her grave even before that often felt trapped.
Has always had more energy than she can burn
but bottles it up because fidgeting is bad.
Thinks she is pretty.
And knows how to dress
but doesn't think she's sexy.
Always wanted to be able to fly like supergirl.
Loved the ideal of being in love with Angel and Riley for different reasons.
Hated loving Spike.
And because it's SO important wears Cool Water for women because even the name reminds her of ice skating or going to the beach. :O)

A pretty superficial and meager list.
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I had such a great tme writing for season Spuffy but you know I've been thinking...[hears collective gasp] Buffy in that story and in most of my fic, could've been statue or a dead body. Not that I made her lifeless just that she serves as a McGuffin for me. She motivates the other charecters moves my stories forward but doesn't fit in the center of universe in the same as in the show. I didn't get into the fandom for Buffy but with out her it's not the show I love. The thing is I feel like I short change readers because I never have a clear voice for Buffy like I do for Anya or Giles or Spike. And it's Spike that's the problem beause I want Spike to have Buffy but I feel like I keep giving him the bot.
I'm still overwhemed by the response I got at [ profile] seasonal_spuffy for my fic! Go read some of the other fic there if you haven't it's all wonderful. Well, mine's ok...

I've got one double drabble and a almost 4000 word short story done for [ profile] seasonal_spuffy So I start back to work on Displaced and maybe get it done soon. I've been really pushing to get the Spuffy done because my original idea didn't pan out. I couldn't come up with an idea at all until I chanel surfing and saw a crime show and heard somebody report, "I knew they were giving him a hard time and and calling him a fairy but I didn't know they were beating him up." My mind works in sick ways sometimes I guess because I thought Aha, Spike rescues a Good Fairy from a beating and get three wishes as a reward! unfortunely the aha came only a week ago so really had to rush and haven't had much time to keep up with my flist.

My face is sore and itchy but doesn't look so bad tonight. Thanks for the hugs and sympathy.
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[Poll #621841]It must be a Thanksgiving miricle. I've lost eight pounds this month this in spite of not really caring to watch the diet and pigging out over the holiday. My dad says that it's because eating less has become a habit. It would be really great if he were right.

For those of you that remember I have a bunch of fics in progress stuff is actually being written. Honest, I mean it this time.
Well working Displaced backwards didn't work out so well all I really managed was vague outline-ish stuff. I wrote and rewrote I did a few drabbles. I wrote 500 words of the AU HLoD bunny. Then tonight I put on Billie Holiday and wrote 700 words on chapter 10 of Displaced and I think they're good words. I have no idea why music I'm certain neither Giles or Anya actually would like seems to feed my Ganya muse but it does.



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