Aug. 17th, 2013 01:45 pm
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TaraDog began wetting on the floor a month ago. At first I thought it was that she was getting older and I wasn't letting her out often enough. This was while I was feeling pretty cruddy myself. I did what I could to catch her at it get her out more often. Then I was out for half an hour last weekend and Tara wet on my bed! She sleeps behind my knees or back [I swear she knows which needs to be warmer] dogs don't wet where they sleep. I made an appointment for the vet the next day.

I told the vet she has chronic yeast infection in ears and bladder problems of some sort. My dad sort of took over and told the vet just to figure out what was going on with the bladder/kidneys because we are both on SSI. He's got a point I've had Tara for 9 years now. Nothing the vet's done or any home remedy has made much of dent in the ear problem so it's a waste of money. A grain free diet helped a little. Anything with wheat really bothers her. So the vet feels her tummy and scares me half to death by saying, "You won't like this." So I'm thinking it's something that would mean putting her down but the vet just meant expensive.

She's got bladder stones we're trying her on a diet and antibiotics for 10 days if it doesn't work she'll need surgery that will be at least $500-$600. The diet is expensive and if it does work she'll need to stay on it. Also it is mostly grain and all us women know that yeast infections and antibiotic don't mix. The vet also said no yogurt the RX food is all she can have. Good thing she seems to like it, but she started on the 14tnh and now her ears are the worst I've seen them. I don't know whether to hope the food works or not, at least surgery would be a one shot deal, but Tara is over 10 years old so I worry about the stress of an operation.
Sorry it's been so long. Things aren't a whole lot better money wise but were hanging in there. My dad is fighting an infection.

On March 30 the USS Appomattox was at the Lynchburg Community Market. In a month I made 65 crochet roses as a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibroses Foundation's Great Strides Walk. We made $85. dollars but I'm not sure they were much more than an eye catcher as I only got rid of about 10. This wasn't so bad though because I have a niece getting married on the 13th who wanted them for table favors. She took 50 and donated $100. to the walk.

I miss you all and I'm going to try and post and comment more often.
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I really miss my creativity. I don't know if it will work but request something.
I want to kick at in walls of my life until they crumble, climb out and run. Sounds like a Springsteen lyric or a FB post by one of my teenage nieces or possibly both.

I did 45 mins. of PT, it was ugly stuff, looked more like wallowing on the floor than an impressive training montage. I took a hot shower and some advil and I'm still stiff and knotted up. My hands and arms hurt as well today I needed help combing my hair.
I've contacted an auction house so we can sell off the Civil War stuff we have and set up an etsy shop. So far not even a nibble there does anybody have any tips?

Dad seems to be hanging in health-wise.

TaraDog has an upset tummy. Two days ago she had diarrhea all over the shop floor. New canned food might be the culprit. She's still seems a bit off but is better.

The Klingon [ I miss him] moved to NC in July and was running the Trek group long distance. This left the co chair M running the meetings. A situation that wasn't happy for anyone. Least of all M. So I stepped up again. I figure it'll give me something to worry over I can improve. Right now I'm powerless in 90% of my life.

The first meeting was a hit. The XO and I were organized and got business done easily. The pizza place I rec'd for after was huge hit with everyone especially the New Yorkers in the group. I was hailed as a goddess for finding a real pizza place in Virginia.

We have snow here so I'm hurting big time but it is pretty to look at.
Need to price a box set of coins from 2000 and google isn't being very helpful.

I voted

Nov. 6th, 2012 09:11 am
Thanks to the folks who let me cut in line. Standing outside in this cold weather going up hill would've been painful.


Nov. 3rd, 2012 11:37 pm
My neice Jen and her husband went to New Jersey today. Jen's mom lives there but it wasn't just to make sure her family was OK. She gathered donations from her company and co-workers and her hubby did the same and headed up with a u-haul full of gas, food and water.


Nov. 1st, 2012 10:46 am
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Y'all know I don't talk much about it here when the sky falls. It's not that I don't care when the really bad stuff happens. It's that I can never find anything to say that hasn't been said over and over by the time I can get my thoughts together. That and the helpless scared feeling goes right to my legs [Fight or flight is a really bad thing for folks with spastic cerebral palsy.]

I was born in NJ and I still have a lot of family on my mom's side living there.. I know of at least one cousin who's lost her home and a dog she was fostering. The night sandy hit, I was chatting with another cousin who was sitting in the dark watching trees come down in her yard.

My area was spared and I was glad to see both places I used to live in NJ came thru fairly well. I thought for sure Cape May would get hit bad.
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I'm All moved into my dad's place now and I decided to make the switch to dreamwidth. Too many have left, and while I don't hate the changes LJ has made I don't really like them either.

I'm Appomattoxco on dreamwidth too and I will crosspost.
Moved down and setup
Clothes [some stuff still up the old place]
Craft cart
yoga mat

Bathroom Stuff [yea for showers with walls floors that aren't rotting and vanity space]
98% of teddy bears cleaned and set up. [The room I'm in was my mom's and she had a doll collection hence shelves!]
New bed [My old one was from my father it had a high mattress I had to use a step to get into and was so soft I couldn't roll over in bed. Also everything smelted of  mold on that end of the house.]
Kitchen 100% done!

Stiil to be moved
Books & book shelves [100s of books I'm hoping they aren't smelly]
Nightstand & lamps
Contents of desk
Extra shoes and bags [that sounds more chick-lit than it really is]

The room I'm in is also needs to be an office so I'm sharing a desk my dad rarely uses.  There a big TARDIS blue metal file cabinet and my nephew pointed out a crack in the wall above my bed that looks like Amy's.

Tara Dog is moved in but not all that happy about how often people come to door. She shakes the it's thunder when the bell on the door rings and barks a little.
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Where do I start, remember this leak? http://appomattoxco.livejournal.com/328523.html I don't think it was ever fixed or it broke again. The subfloor in my bathroom is caving in. There's so much work that needs to be done that I'm just moving down with my dad again. Because my dad doesn't have a kitchen, his oven broke and ESM took her fridge and kitchen stuff with her I'm bringing all my stuff back down. Dad has to move stuff out of a room he's using for storage for the Civil War Shop so it'll be a week at least before I can begin.

The annoying thing is we have the place listed for sale so I might get unpacked only to pack again.
Sorry if my earlier post alarmed anyone. Last night at around 10 I started to feel sick I don't know if it was something I had to eat earlier or what. My dad is fine so maybe the samwich I had for lunch? I didn't  feel 100% at supper IIRC. Anyway, I'm not very fast at rolling over and getting out of bed. And I choke/drool more easily than normal adults [everybody swallows wrong now and then but I do it every day] so I get a little paranoid about lying down in this situation. 
I have a stomach ache and chills it's 4 am here and I won't lie down. The CP means I choke easily at the best of times and I really don't want die like a rock star this morning.
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I'm getting out of the house today if I have to hitch a ride with a stranger.  then i'm going to spend a little money on something i don't need.
Or more like things I never learn.
When I'm cleaning and the things I drop start to equal what I pick up the house is clean enough no matter what is left to do.

If I continue to work past that point the next thing that falls is me.

Rain, my body hates it.

I have a magnet on the end of one of my pic-sticks and my afghan hook has a steel end. This is good because none of the grabber worked to pinch the hook.

A ball of yarn I can find both ends of and pull from the center may not be as mythical as a unicorn. However, it's probably as rare as a virgin to bait the trap for one.

Even baking won't over power the smell of dog on a wet day.


Aug. 14th, 2012 04:13 pm
I've got the feeling just started down slippery slope. I just ordered yarn for two crochet projects from knitpicks. I have no idea where I will put it while in progress. But they are gifts so they will get done.
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Last night I went to shower and saw a slug on my tile about 3 inches long. I could tell because it was one and about a half ntile in length. I'm not normally a girly about insects but I left showering till morning. Tonight I discovered that a skunk has sprayed outside my bedroom window where my window AC unit is. I had to turn off the AC and it's still very stinky to the point where I won' sleep in there. At least it didn't get TaraDog [knock wood]
Someone I admire has passed away.Helen was an example of old school fandom [Trek, SF/F.] Creative,energetic and smart in that hippy-nerd combo that feeds fandom because she Thought, Made, and Did things rather than just consumed them.

When I met her {in person, I had been writing and e-mailing her} in 2002 she was already in her 70s She was promoted to Adm. by Starfleet and ran down to get it in her  hand-knitted TNG sweater like a contestant on the Price is Right. She wasn't family, I can't say I knew better than my flist. She sent me handmade Christmas cards. We talked about writing and running a chapter of Starfleet. She told me about directing videos  and writng plays. I sent her audio books when she broke her hip. Storm Front made her a BtVS and JM fan. She said, "I thought I was done droolling over pretty boys with talent!"

Somebody else in Starfeet posted on FB about her death calling her an older lady who never slowed down, true fair and enough, but  but the out pouring of sympathy to the poster because she lost a good and special friend made angry. Stupidly angry this poster knew of Helen she hugged her at cons every couple of years that's about it. I feel as if this poster has hijacked the grief of family and friends to get attention for herself. I had lost touch with Helen myself so I realize I'm being a bit a hypocrite here,  but she wasn't just somebody old that still got around well.



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