I was showing somebody my crochet today and she was baffled by the lack of a pattern. She asked how I knew if it was right if I didn't have a pattern. I explained that I did [in this case a pillow form] You crochet every which way until you have enough pieces then sew them together and fill in the gaps to make it fit. This person claimed she'd never do this type of work because she'd be so worried about getting it right that all her edges would the same. I explained that you first worry about getting it done then you fix and fiddle until it's "right"

Sometimes I think that writer's block is that kind of perfectionism run amuck.I understand the concept of a first draft but I want it to all fit perfectly right away. I get to a point in a story and I stall. Not because I can't figure out what happens next but because I have an ideal of what it should be in my head. Once the words are on the screen they fall flat collapsing under my expectations. I should apply the freeform thinking to my writing too. First get it done, then fill in the gaps and add texture to hide the "mistakes".
I woke up yesterday and it was snowing. It didn't stick but still very weird for this time of year here, especially when you consider that we had 70 degree weather in January.

I've made four shawls in the last few days. My favorite is a black micro fiber done in double crochet lose enough that it looks lacy. I picked the yarn because it separates and makes a silky lush fringe, but when I was done I decided that the plain black triangle took itself too seriously. So I added some very primitive looking flowers and a Solomon knot edging in bright verigated mohair. The result is something like those art projects I did as a kid where you scratch black paint off a multi colored background to make a picture. One of these days I'll follow through with a plan...

Speaking of, fic is almost done. It would be finshed by now if I didn't have BigBro's 50th birthday yesterday. Got to see the tiniest bit in our family as well as oldest niece and nephew in law. The lastest flegling was was acting like a spoiled brat. She was saying as soon as she got done eating that they needed to go home because her BF didn't like the crowd. This is code for I only came for the food now drive me home. In spite of that we all had a good time.
I'm still overwhemed by the response I got at [livejournal.com profile] seasonal_spuffy for my fic! Go read some of the other fic there if you haven't it's all wonderful. Well, mine's ok...

Did some more of the freeform thingy while watching House. I'm liking it better now but what I'm really enjoying is the process. I've crochet this way before but I've always had a patern in mind. Like a landscape or mosaic I wanted to copy, once it was just a leaf pile. This time I'm winging it completely. Each new bit I add distorts the shape of the pieces already there and every new color changes the color of the whole. It's like going through a room lighting and blowing out candles. The fact that I've put almost no thought at all in the colors may still lead to mess but it's interesting and distracting anyway.
I spent the morning getting new night splints cast. The orthotics guy is extreamly impressed with how I've improved. I guess you guys could tell that I'm doing better from the reduced whining around here. I also got to go to favorite used bookstore! I haven't been able to get there in over a year. I came back with a haul that I'm too lazy to list. Or perhaps too embarassed to admit to.

Here's a picture of the progress of the freeform. Still unsure about it the colors seem muddy to me. I just picked what was on top of my stash without too much thought.Read more... )
Is it possible to put yarn in the washer and dryer before working with it without ending up with a tangled mess? I have some nice yarn that's been in storeage for a year and needs freshening.



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