I've just listened to an audio book that was a waste of time. i DL it because normally Lori Foster is a fun read but the h in Caught in the Act annoyed me to no end. H is a cop who at the start of the story takes a bullet in the shoulder saving the h from armed robbers. A day later the h takes the H to her home puts him in bed and thanks very nicely! I didn't mind this, I mean the guy was realy hot, and saved her life. What annoyed me [and the Anya on my shoulder.] was that the woman couldn't own it. There was too much time dedicated to explaining how she hadn't had sex in two years, was very, very picky and OMG so tight she was almost a virgin. A woman who was as reserved as the author claimed she was would've at least given the guy's bullet wound a chance to heal before saying thank you so rigorously. It wasn't that the h behaved baddly it was that it didn't make sense.

Then I read a blog, can't remember where, about where the line between sexually adventurous and being a slut is. So it got me thinking here is the advice my T & P Anya would give Dawn about sex.

“I know that Joyce talked to you about all this; and I’m not trying to be your mom. I just think we should go over some things now that you're dating. I want you to be able to enjoy a guilt free sexual awakening when the time comes.”

All Dawn could think of was that stuff Janice said about the ways you can have sex without *really* having it. She said a quick prayer that Anya wouldn’t use produce as a visual aide too. “Oh god, do I have to? Everyone else has guilt. Guilt is good,I mean without guilt I might add a ‘us’ on the end of my name or something.”

Anya gave her a stern look and held her hand so she couldn’t leave without looking silly.“Sex should never be an unkind act. It shouldn't be used to harm or manipulate your partner. It should never be an act of unfaithfulness to a partner or your own beliefs. Above all, it should never be unsafe. Meet the guy at beach durring the day first and always bring condoms."

Dawn blinked, she should’ve known better. "Aren't you going to say anything about waiting until I'm really in love?"

"When you're ready to have sex you'll probably convince yourself you're in love. And Dawnie, If you ever have a question or a problem you can come to me or your father. We won't be too harsh. You’ll never make a mistake we haven’t first."



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